The firmware is the internal software of the a-pipes.

To know the current version, just connect it to the remote software.

To update the firmware, the instrument must be returned.

Major changes between versions:

V1.3 New sound at 44100Hz. V1.4 Fixed random start. V1.7 Bluetooth autostart; adjustable drone volume. V2.3 Radio (a-box). V2.11 Removal of the battery alarm (useless, false and untimely). V2.12 Adjustable pitch. V2.14 No more self-calibration after the 5th holes covering (to prevent the instrument from jamming when handled), optional Vibrato. V2.15 Permanent accidentals for C and F (equivalent of hole taping). V2.17 GHB default setting at 448Hz, LowA played on key change instead of E. V2.18 EEPROM reset possible from the remote software + EEPROM display at boot. V2.20 Clean cut off possible. V2.21 Reliability of radio exchanges. V2.22 Removal of instabilities on HighG found on some instruments.

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