Prototype V0

On 2016 january the 1st, this prototype named "V0", fully functionnal for inside playing, is frozen as is : it will no more envolve and will never be duplicated. I has proved the project's faisability, the great sound quality, the embelishments fluidity, but doesn't work outside, neither in the dark ; by an other hand, electrical consumption is too high.

Time has gone for a "V1" prototype which targets, after having blanked the page, to be functional inside, outside and in low lighted environment. It has also to devide by two electrical consumption.

On january the 5th, "V1" has reached all these targets. Electrical consumption has yet falled from 78mA under 1.3V to 40mA without bluetooth. A 1800 mA AAA battery theorically allows playing during 37 hours now.

Doing all that enhancements, a lot of memory has been freed so that it becomes possible to add extra embeded instruments.

On january 2016 the 21th, all is working pretty well, but pretty well is not enough for a commercial device. I wish to make it working into the darkest night, but also on stage under the spotlights and strobes ...

And overall, I dream of a transparent device, what is forbidden by the current technologies.

Simply, the a-pipes shall make it better. The solution, I know it : optical technologies again, more sophisticated.

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